Riak Blue Spoon House Design

Blue Spoon is one of the largest and outermost islands in a great island chain spiraling out from Ma’ra’s Tear, an enormous underwater sinkhole. The site is considered sacred and is central to several widespread religions, and most of those who are drawn to it pass through the eclectic and often dangerous Blue Spoon trading port.

A multicultural trading hub and pilgrimage site, the town of Blue Spoon is eclectic, spontaneous, and dangerous. The city is built partially on land, partially on water, and the Spoon Ports are always bustling with people from faraway places.

The spiritual significance of the island draws seekers and pilgrims from all over the world, and there are a host of cults and religious groups that have set up in the city.

Beyond the port city, most of the rest of the island is fairly uninhabited, with only the small village of Afore occupying its eastern tip.

Kim kresan blue spoon house 1
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